What actually E-billing brings to the mix?

The digital evolution has taken over every aspect of global business. The smart work instead of hard work has already saved million dollars for the entrepreneurs. The benefits of automation in billing segment are immense. But, What actually E-billing brings to the mix?

E Billing is a method of sending bills delivered over the Internet and customers may/ may not have the provision to pay electronically. …


Let’s sneak peek other cons of the system, and How UGOPOS is a great asset.

  • Cost effective

With advanced Mobile POS like UGOPOS, the expense of printers and other correlated peripherals are curtailed. Thousands of paper rolls saves a lot itself. Reduced cost directly goes into the profit.

  • Customer Retention

The database of the customers collected initiates a huge proposition of customer retention. Future offers and notifications can be pushed directly to the pool of potential customers. This also ties the customer to the business, once purchased.

  • Easy storage

In traditional billing, huge files and folders may require to store the bills and documents of weeks and months. Imagine the effort it involves to audit an annual report. That’s a large heap of bills. E-Billing cut shorts the storage space of a big room to a SD Card or a pen drive. More space means, more business.

  • Easy Sorting

What if a bill of 26th April 2018 has to be re-checked.. The filtering process is an overhead if it is not properly organized. E-Billing system has the easier and sophisticated method of sorting, that one can sort result using attributes or bill number.

  • Easy access

The atmost advantage of digitalization is the availability. The physical presence at the site is not always required, other than the permission to use the system remotely.

  • Secure

Compared to the traditional bills that are easily perishable and prone to misplaced, E Bills are more secured and stores digitally. The security measures are more effective than usual mail

  • Environment friendly

Since, the E-billing minimizes tons of paper; millions of trees being exploited are reduced. For an eco-friendlier generation, The system has its hand of good.

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