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The Power of POS in handheld device

POS has already monopolized the F&B outlets. Guess what, the Future POS has arrived too. The complete Store management is now shrinked into handheld devices. UGOPOS empowers the business people to serve faster and better at improbable magnitude.

The whole store activities can be managed with swipes and clicks. UGOPOS provides a unique management system with easier Accessibility, Faster actions, Multi-tasking, Secure functioning, Accurate daily reports, etc.

Better Customer service

As the whole platform is digitalized, Order and billing is done faster. The customers have better information of their order status. No need of Queues at the counter and the Time delay is minimized.

Staff efficiency

Staffs have better knowledge of the inventories and live orders. Staffs become efficient to serve multiple customers at short time. Communications to kitchen and billing desk is done easily.

Paperless and Eco-friendly

The bills are sent to the customer via eco-friendly methods like SMS or e-mail as preferred. Paper wastage is nullified. The record of bills can be kept for longer period than easily perished paper bills.

Loyal Customer database

Since the bills are sent via SMS or Email, merchant get the database of customer details. This can be converted into loyal customers through proper marketing. Offers and other promotions can be targeted.

UGOPOS have combined all the attributes into a user friendly and sophisticated Mobile POS which can be an amazing upgrade to any retail outlets.

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